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My Ascension is Complete!


I did it! I finally got my “real” blog interwoven with my tumblr, so that I can post to my “real” blog without ignoring my tumblr audience. Now to see if it just works… … … …

All American Wars are Class War


It’s pretty often nowadays to hear the phrase “No war but the class war.”

Unfortunately, I see one inherent problem with this phrase. All our wars HAVE been class wars.

Let’s take the Iraq war for example. This was the rich oil entrepreneur class, vs the citizens of Iraq, the poverty class. Would it not be class warfare for a foreign corporatocracy to come invade your land for resources, and your wealthy, unelected leaders are in on it? Is that not class war?

The previously mentioned zine is not abandoned, but it’s being stalled by life, so I’ll give you few things to think about till then. 😉

— Anomie

P.S. I’ll attach a sign copy of my posts from now on.

Signed message:

About my first zine.


I am about to write a new zine which will have the cliche title “How to Change the World”.

If you know that shits fucked up, and know very little what to do about it, than this is the zine for you.

It WILL NOT tell you how to move through the political process.
It WILL NOT tell you what political movements to join.
It WILL NOT tell you who to vote for.
It WILL NOT give you the illusion that the system works.

It WILL introduce you to direct action.
It WILL introduce you to affinity groups and collective decision making.
It WILL tell you that revolution isn’t instantaneous, but it’s foundation is laid months or years before it’s peak.
It WILL make it clear that when politicians seem to concede, they’ll probably just try to fuck you over.

As I can’t possibly know everything on the subject, I am looking for collaborators. If you’re interested, please email me, preferably with pgp encryption. My public key is here.